Are you ready to develop a better future for yourself, for those you care about, your community and beyond? YES? Read on to learn about a Method you can practically use to thrust yourself into that future, one step at a time. Here, you’ll find information you can use to create a better future by following the Ready For Better Method. Not only is the Method completely free – it’s easy, and anyone can do it.

The Ready For Better Method is a culmination of founder Irv Beiman’s academic, professional and research career blended with an intense exploration of movement, energy and breathing.

After almost forty years of developing, honing and living variations of the Ready For Better Method, Irv Beiman is living proof that it really works. A believer in the power of positive thought and focused energy – he wants to share this wisdom to help change and heal our world. Positive change is possible when we focus our thoughts, movement and intention on our most important goals.

It starts with YOU and inspires MANY.