“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the TRUTH.”


Are you ready to develop a better future for yourself, for those you care about, your community and beyond? YES? Read on to learn about a Method you can practically use to thrust yourself into that future, one step at a time. Here, you’ll find information you can use to create a better future by following the Ready For Better Method. Not only is the Method completely free – it’s easy, and anyone can do it. The Ready For Better Method is a culmination of founder Irv Beiman’s academic, professional and research career blended with an intense exploration of movement, energy and breathing. After almost forty years of developing, honing and living variations of the Ready For Better Method, Irv Beiman is living proof that it really works. A believer in the power of positive thought and focused energy – he wants to share this wisdom to help change and heal our world. Positive change is possible when we focus our thoughts, movement and intention on our most important goals.

It starts with YOU and inspires MANY.

The method has three basic actions: MOVE, BREATHE and AFFIRM YOUR ASPIRATION.
These three pieces are blended together into a powerful recipe for intentional improvement.



The first piece is to move briskly or aerobically in a rhythmic manner at a pace that you can sustain for 20-30 minutes without running out of breath. Jogging, swimming, walking, hiking, stationery bike, stepper, elliptical machine, or simply going up and down stairs are all suitable ways to move when using The Method to create a better future.



The second piece is to breathe deeply in rhythm with your movement. I found that four steps on the in-breath and four steps on the out-breath worked well for me when I was getting started. We can call this conscious breathing because we are regulating our breath so that it fits our movement. We must be aware of our breath to do this. That awareness takes place within our consciousness


The third piece is to affirm your goal by repeating it silently to yourself in rhythm with your movement in rhythm with your breath.


The wording of your affirmation is important. Consider that when you use The Method you are consciously reprogramming yourself, using words that you choose for a goal that you choose. Your word choice makes a difference.


Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”. The number of such incidents tends to occur as we use The Method. We predict that within one month of using The Method regularly, you will experience more pleasant surprises, IF you are programming in a positive manner. If you are experiencing more unpleasant surprises, consider changing your goal and rewording your affirmation.


Once we begin asking ourselves what’s really important as we use the Ready for Better Method, this opening of our minds can often lead us to new sources of information. As we explore these new information sources, it is natural to expand and refine our understanding of what’s important, how things are connected and what actions we might take to move toward a better future.

The mainstream media do not have the purpose of educating us about what’s really important. Instead their objective is to attract and sustain viewership. This enables them to sell advertising that generates revenue to cover investment, expenses and, most importantly, performance bonuses. Executive compensation bonuses are what drive the vast bulk of corporate behavior. Corporations are not concerned about the wellbeing of society. Corporate behavior is driven by the bottom line measures of revenue, profit and cash flow, not the wellbeing of society. That’s the crux of the issue that we face in seeking a better future.

The bottom line for us as individuals and as a collective society is that we have to figure things out for ourselves, based on what we determine to be really important. We can’t rely on the mainstream media to inform us. We can’t rely on advertising to inform us. The concerns we have identified are the result of decades of education, experience and research, primarily in the US and China. We provide an introduction to each concern that establishes it as worthy of further consideration and possible action. That action might include:
  • expanding your own information gathering making changes in your own behavior based on the information you have gathered
  • sharing what you have learned with others in your social networks
  • getting involved in more intentional action.

FOOD & WATER From GMOs and pesticides to fracking and oil, many of us are exposed to harmful chemicals on a daily basis. Getting involved to learn more and take constructive action is imperative to improve health and wellness at both the individual and community level. Click here to learn more and begin moving toward a better future by taking intentional action.


We know how to improve wellness and wellbeing. The first key to improvement is knowledge and understanding. The second key is movement toward a Better Future by taking intentional action. Click here to learn both the facts and some secrets for creating a better future for yourself and those you care about.


Understanding the environmental impact of different energy sources and production methods awakens us to the urgent need for radical improvement. Recognizing the revolving door between industry and government, including regulatory agencies, awakens us to how this unethical and essentially corrupt practice must be changed for our collective survival. Learn more, then get involved in local action for a better future.


There is no longer any debate. Climate change is a real crisis now for humanity and our biosphere. Click here to learn the facts not being shared by mainstream media, then get involved to energize the political will to create a massive tipping point for a better future than the one we currently face.


Those who limit themselves to network news and mainstream media may not be aware they are being programmed on what to think and believe. Social media now enable an entirely different channel of disturbing information that dramatically increases awareness and understanding. This reveals the ugly picture of how the political process works to corrupt how we are being governed. Learn more, then get involved in local, state and/or national action for a better future.

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Ready For Better
A sharing by Jackson Peterson in a video on the nature of mind, expressed by a female Buddhist monk. Brilliant clear explanation of awareness, knowing, and moments of non-duality between the observer and the observed.This is known as the direct pass to enlightenment, and what is called self realization. It comes from the Nyingma tradition, which is the first and oldest tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. See MoreSee Less
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Ready For Better
ChatGPT-4 on the debt ceiling:PROMPT: apply three different frameworks to understanding the current debt ceiling crisis: finance, politics and BuddhismChatGPTCertainly, let’s look at the current debt ceiling crisis from the lenses of finance, politics, and Buddhism.Finance Perspective:From a financial perspective, a debt ceiling crisis can be potentially devastating for both the national and global economies. If the debt ceiling is not raised and the country defaults on its debt, it could lead to severe economic repercussions, including a drop in the nation’s credit rating, increase in interest rates, a recession, or even a global financial crisis given the centrality of the U.S. economy.Furthermore, uncertainty about whether the debt will be repaid can lead to volatility in financial markets, which can affect both domestic and international investors. It also makes future borrowing more expensive, as lenders demand higher interest rates to compensate for the increased risk.Political Perspective:The debt ceiling crisis can also be understood as a political standoff. In the U.S., for example, Congress has the authority to raise the debt ceiling, and disagreements over this issue often stem from larger debates about government spending, taxation, and fiscal policy.Often, the debt ceiling becomes a political bargaining chip, with different parties or factions using the crisis to push for their preferred policies or concessions from the other side. This can result in a protracted political battle that contributes to uncertainty and instability.Buddhist Perspective:Buddhism might not directly address economic policy or debt ceilings, but its principles can offer a unique perspective. In Buddhism, the concept of Right Livelihood from the Noble Eightfold Path encourages work that does no harm and is ethically sound.From a Buddhist perspective, one might argue that the crisis is a result of not adhering to Right Livelihood, in the sense that it could be perceived as a result of decisions made by leaders who put political gain before the well-being of the people.The principles of mindfulness and interconnectedness could also be applied. Leaders need to be fully aware (mindful) of the potential harm of their decisions and remember that all things (and in this case, economies) are interconnected. A decision made by a few can impact many, and this can have rippling effects across the globe.The concept of impermanence could also be applicable. Economic conditions, including debt, are ever-changing and not fixed. As such, the crisis should be approached with an understanding of the fleeting nature of the situation and the need for adaptability.In essence, Buddhism might guide us to approach the debt ceiling crisis with wisdom, compassion, ethical consideration, and a deep understanding of the interdependence of all aspects of society and the global economy. See MoreSee Less
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