The method has three basic actions: MOVE, BREATHE and AFFIRM YOUR ASPIRATION.

These three pieces are blended together into a powerful recipe for intentional improvement.



Step 1.

Move briskly or aerobically in a rhythmic manner at a pace that you can sustain for 20-30 minutes without running out of breath.

Jogging, swimming, walking, hiking, stationery bike, stepper, elliptical machine, or simply going up and down stairs are all suitable ways to move when using The Method to create a better future.



Step 2.

Breathe deeply in rhythm with your movement.

I found that four steps on the in-breath and four steps on the out-breath worked well for me when I was getting started. We can call this conscious breathing because we are regulating our breath so that it fits our movement. We must be aware of our breath to do this. That awareness takes place within our consciousness.

It’s better if you use “belly breathing”. This involves breathing from both your lower abdomen and your chest. Try to get both the lower and upper lungs working for you because this brings more oxygen into your body as well as your brain. Belly breathing promotes an oxygen rich blood supply that feeds your muscles and your brain for alert action. Swimmers, singers and musicians who blow a horn know how to do belly breathing. Yoga instructors teach this as well.



Step 3.

Affirm your aspiration by repeating it silently to yourself in rhythm with your movement in rhythm with your breath.

The wording of your affirmation is important. Consider that when you use The Method you are consciously reprogramming yourself, using words that you choose for the aspirational goal that you choose. Your word choice makes a difference.

It’s important to formulate the wording for your aspiration in a positive manner. Focus on the present and the future, not the past. Keep it positive. Avoid negatives.

When programming a computer, the formatting of the computer instruction is important. Think of The Method as a way to purposefully reprogram your brain/mind. Dr. John Lilly, the famous dolphin researcher, considered our brain/mind to be a biocomputer. He published a book that arose from research he had done for the Navy: Programming and Meta-Programming in the Human Biocomputer. Be aware that the words you use to program yourself will seep into your unconsciousness. The way you arrange these programming words can make a difference.

Use verbs that indicate you are in a process of becoming, improving, succeeding, or achieving a better future. Choose a specific goal related to your long term aspiration that fits how you see a better future for yourself and those you care about.

For basic formatting of your beginning affirmations, you may use this sentence stem: “I am verb-ing...” or “We are verb-ing…”, such as, “I am running easily within my breath, ” or “We are effectively getting the vote out for XYZ.” The use of -ing action words emphasizes the process of moving toward a better future.

When you begin using The Method it may be easier to formulate your goal or aspiration so that you can repeat it silently to yourself in one complete breathing cycle. Later, as you strengthen your ability to focus and keep your affirmation in mind while you move, you can expand the wording to include more than one breathing cycle.

Allow your specific wording to intuitively shift as changes occur to you when you are actively using The Method. Check how the revisions fit the direction and specifics of your aspirational hopes and wishes.. Sometimes our brain/mind/consciousness can suggest improvements in the wording. Be open to this happening and be willing to adjust your wording until you feel you have it just right: simple, clear, focused and it fits the direction you want to go.

If you are having difficulty in choosing and formulating your aspiration, consider what is one of the more negative aspects of conditions in your life that you would like to change. Maybe you have motivation to improve it but aren’t sure how to proceed. Or you have tried to improve in the past but weren’t successful.

What would it look like, be like or feel like if that negative thing or condition was not holding you back. What would your life be like if it wasn’t bothering you any more? What would you be doing or feeling or thinking differently?

Consider the negative problem, barrier or hurdle and formulate an aspirational goal that dissolves it. Formulate an intention that helps dissolve the barriers or obstacles so that you can have a more positive experience of life.

It’s best when you are beginning use of The Method to choose a goal that you believe is or could be achievable.

Then – Be open to serendipity and synchronicity

Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”. The number of such incidents tends to occur as we use The Method. We predict that within one month of using The Method regularly, you will experience more pleasant surprises, IF you are programming in a positive manner. If you are experiencing more unpleasant surprises, consider changing your goal and rewording your affirmation.

Synchronicity means “meaningful coincidences”. This term was first coined by psychiatrist Carl Jung. We experience synchronicity when a “coincidence” occurs and we don’t have a ready explanation for the causality that could be operating. The frequency of meaningful coincidences in our lives tends to increase as we use The Method.

Serendipity and synchronicity can be encouraging signs that we are on the right path toward a better future.

You may benefit from:

  • Gathering more information to better understand the situation
  • Getting help or asking for guidance from someone more experienced than you
  • Improving your skill or effectiveness
  • Clearing a hurdle or overcoming a barrier that has been interfering with your progress
  • Meeting the right person, finding the right group or joining the right network
  • Discovering a new path to your goal that you didn’t even know existed
  • Turning left rather than right at some street corner, and that making all the difference
  • or you just might need, and get, a lucky break
Every one of these is possible and more likely to occur for each of us as we use The Method. What tends to happen is that the better understanding, helpful guidance, solution development, chance meetings, lucky breaks and discoveries are more likely to increase as we use The Method. Each of us can somehow become stuck. Stuck in a negative situation or relationship, stuck in a particular way of thinking, feeling or behaving. Sometimes it may be hard to break out of a box that we seem to be in. Other times, we may be headed in a direction that feels right, but we want to go faster; we want to make progress more quickly. There may be some deadline or work product that has to be accomplished on a time line. We may need to figure out how to manage what money we have left for the rest of the month. We may need to figure out how to better use the money we have. There are many opportunities in life to use The Method. They are virtually infinite, limited only by our individual awareness and choice about what really matters to each of us.

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