Accomplish Your Emotional Re-Set During Lockdown

Accelerating the Unfolding As the Coronavirus crisis deepens, many businesses and venues are closed. An increasing number of people are bored, restless, anxious, afraid and suffering. This creates an opportunity for a re-set. We can re-set our body, mind and spirit even though we may be squirming amidst the unprecedented uncertainty of our dynamically changing times. This post briefly explains what we can do to cultivate well-being, accelerate personal/professional growth and explore the healing of our spirit. The bulk of humanity is undergoing a major perturbation. The stressful upheaval of our normal routines has disrupted our work and social patterns. While financial and emotional concerns are mounting for many of us, we may have more space and time for digitally connecting with friends and personally re-bonding with family. These social connections can provide reassurance that we are not alone in our uncertainty about when and how the current crisis will be resolved. There is a way beyond social connection to accomplish a mental, emotional and spiritual re-set. The re-set begins with solitary activity. Anxiety, binge watching and aimless boredom can be dissolved through immersion into private awareness. There are two modes for this private activity: 1 passive nonjudgmental observation of

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