An Open Letter to the SVHS Class of 1964 Reunion Committee [and anyone else who is still alive from our own and other graduating classes]:

Susan Casaday Stutts, Lynne Epsman Cohen, Paul Friedman, Jr., Nancy Hesse Benson, Virginia Kelser Jones, Carleton Lackey Sokol, Laide Long Karpeles, Carolyn McDavid Ray, Suzy Ovson, Susan Owens Canedy, Elna Riley Brendel, Kenny Rosenberger, Walter Schor, Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell, Donna Strickland Himes, Ann Sullivan, John “Tiger” Timmons,Suzanne Trimm Payne Better Health & Healing, Wellness and Longevity Greetings from sunny [and very dry] central California! A long and winding journey through residence in multiple states and two continents has given me an opportunity to engage learning opportunities in several key areas that are likely relevant for you. In this unfolding epistle I share my key learnings for better health & healing, wellness and longevity. I offer you the opportunity to possibly go beyond your current behaviors and beliefs into a better future for yourself, your friends and your extended family. You may wonder why I share this with you. What is my motivation? To self disclose, as I read the recent invitation for a combined SVHS gathering from the Class of ’63, I reflected on my high school years, and realized they weren’t especially happy. I am making an effort to transmute those feelings into something helpful, which is consistent

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