Irv Beiman: Susan Estrich Should Know Bernie Sanders’ Support Is Coming from Everywhere

In a recent commentary, columnist Susan Estrich remarked that she didn’t “understand where the continued support for (Bernie) Sanders is coming from.” I offer below my strategic view of that issue.   Irv Beiman First, consider that Sanders has stated during the Democratic presidential debates that climate change is our greatest national security threat. As a recently retired behavioral scientist, management consultant and change agent, I have been researching and publishing on climate change since 2007. Downloading and reviewing more than 6,000 articles on the topic has led me to deeply explore why and how our climate is changing, as well as why the news media and our political process seem immune to the starkly disturbing reality that we face. Second, consider the legalized corruption of our democratic process that has been enabled by the 2010 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. The enormous growth of Super PACs and the obscene increase in political contributions from corporations has established the power of corporate donations to buy votes on the key issues affecting shareholder value. Read Full Story on NOOZHAWK

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