Essential Principles for Longevity & Health Span

Translating Information Into ACTION Using A Powerful Method For Self Management
Includes Technical Appendix:
• Information Theory of Aging
• Why Exercise?
• How Not To Diet
• IB Reflections

CARE an Antidote…

CARE an Antidote… This essay has been updated to include a link to a video of Carl Sagan’s famous quote included in the Voyager 1 interstellar space probe that exited our solar system sending back information and images of space. One of those images was the earth appearing as a dot within a narrow beam […]

The Universal Quest for Meaning, Purpose, and Spiritual Growth

The Universal Quest for Meaning, Purpose, and Spiritual Growth The View from ChatGPT4, plus cross cultural commentary   OpenAI’s ChatGPT4 reached 100 million users in just two months and created a humongous media buzz throughout much of the world. Scraping information off the entire internet and making an unimaginably huge knowledgebase accessible to so many […]

The Quest for Wellness, Well-Being and Longevity

The Quest for Wellness, Well-Being and Longevity mysteries, discoveries and evolving personal best practice     Photo by julien Tromeur on Unsplash The fascinating thing about experiencing the truth of impermanence in a precious human life is that there really are tools to dissolve the inevitable suffering that arises during each being’s long and winding journey. Meditation techniques develop […]

Self Inquiry, Movement, Emptiness and Ahhh

Self Inquiry, Movement, Emptiness and Ahhh useful tools for reducing suffering and transforming consciousness Fundamental characteristics of nature include the arising of needs, wants, wishes and hopes during one’s life journey. Consider the possibility, briefly suggested in the previous article, that each individual’s journey presents a variety of levels in a mysterious Game of Life. Progress […]

Commitment to being (a player) in the Game of Life

Commitment to being (a player) in the Game of Life unlocking the potential for kindness, compassion and wisdom   Parents, school, religion and culture imbue young people with dim understandings of what life is all about. There may be little clarity for answers to fundamental questions about the journey from birth to death of the […]

Suffering and the dissolution of suffering

choosing practices to test through direct experience
There may arise in one’s life journey a gradual or even abrupt shift from suffering into a long and winding growth process for the dissolution of suffering. They who wonder about such matters find answers ranging from religion to metaphysics to contemporary psychology. Inexplicable mystery can often persist when techniques and practices are put to the test of direct experience. Clues to the mystery can arise during the arduous trek from a struggling ego of I/me/mine to glimpses of a deeper understanding into one’s life journey.

Another Beginning – Emerging from a long and winding journey

Another Beginning… from I/me/myself to personal insights that arise in the present moment Emerging from a long and winding journey   The learner embedded within this physical vehicle called a body has been touch typing since age ten. That journey began when his journalist father put a self-instructional book beside a heavy 1923 cast iron […]

Accomplish Your Emotional Re-Set During Lockdown

Accelerating the Unfolding As the Coronavirus crisis deepens, many businesses and venues are closed. An increasing number of people are bored, restless, anxious, afraid and suffering. This creates an opportunity for a re-set. We can re-set our body, mind and spirit even though we may be squirming amidst the unprecedented uncertainty of our dynamically changing […]

An Open Letter to the SVHS Class of 1964 Reunion Committee [and anyone else who is still alive from our own and other graduating classes]:

Susan Casaday Stutts, Lynne Epsman Cohen, Paul Friedman, Jr., Nancy Hesse Benson, Virginia Kelser Jones, Carleton Lackey Sokol, Laide Long Karpeles, Carolyn McDavid Ray, Suzy Ovson, Susan Owens Canedy, Elna Riley Brendel, Kenny Rosenberger, Walter Schor, Mary Ruth Sevier Caldwell, Donna Strickland Himes, Ann Sullivan, John “Tiger” Timmons,Suzanne Trimm Payne Better Health & Healing, Wellness […]

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