Another Beginning…

from I/me/myself to personal insights that arise in the present moment

Emerging from a long and winding journey


The learner embedded within this physical vehicle called a body has been touch typing since age ten. That journey began when his journalist father put a self-instructional book beside a heavy 1923 cast iron Underwood typewriter and said simply, “teach yourself to type”. After the touch typist child was training graduate students in clinical psychology two decades later, he learned that age ten is when the left and right brain begin to connect. This happens across the corpus callosum, a structure that separates the two disparate halves of a whole brain. Thus was intuitive in-the-moment writing born within the consciousness and fingers of he who has wondered much and experimented even more on two continents within the vast mystery of being.

After decades of painful and punishing suffering interspersed with infrequent delight and discovery, the occasional author has once again embarked on the writer’s journey of listening to the quiet voice within. Rather than responding to the impulse of an elusive muse, instead he now he patiently sits, fingers on the keyboard, having made the decision to launch a substack publication titled: IB Reflections.

The publication name gives a hint of what is to come, as do the initials of his name [Irv Beiman]. The “I” speaks from an unpredictable ego and a judgmental self that can surprisingly burst forth with emotion. The “B” reflects in moments of being as a witness to the unfolding of a precious human life.

Understandings gleaned from these reflections may offer useful insights for each reader’s efforts to dissolve suffering in their personal reach for happiness and equanimity. This is the reason for writing, learning and sharing, by he who writes for whatever insights might emerge. Their utility can be tested by anyone through direct experience. That may become the truth that awaits those who are inclined to more deeply consider what appears on the page. Growth may be seeded from that considering, its potential benefit lying dormant until the moment arises for its coming into being.

This is the nature of a life journey that has relied on personal insights as guidance for meaningful turns in an unfolding path. Those insights and the ensuing turns have traversed the chasm of duality between ignorance and understanding, emotion and equanimity, and most importantly, between suffering and happiness.

You are invited to subscribe below for free to IB Reflections and share the journey as it continues. There is no plan or intention for paid subscriptions.

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